Friday, January 23, 2009

Roadside raptors of highway 1

After checking out Monterey, last year we drove back up the coast on the famous Highway 1. I just couldn't believe how many raptors there were on the roadside. I took this shot of a red-shouldered hawk (I think) whilst we were pulled up at a junction.

red shouldered

It came out not too shabby so I started shooting wildly at raptors as we passed. This is a red-tailed hawk taken at 50mph.


I didn't manage to get a shot of the northern harrier, kestrels and other raptors I saw but spotting raptors made for an excellent diverting travel game. When I was a kid I used to spot kestrels with my parents on long drives. I hope someday my kids will find it much easier to add red kite and buzzard to their journey lists but if we ever get to America it should be game on! But I hope my american readers all realise how lucky they are - it took us in the UK a long time to even begin to restore our raptors so please don't neglect yours.


Floridacracker said...

Good advice!

Joe said...

Where is Highway 1?

tai haku said...

Thanks FC

Joe - Highway 1 winds up the coast of cali from big sur to San Francisco.

Gloria said...

Spotting raptors as we travel along is something our family does as well.
Even in the back yard we have spotted a couple,kestrel and maybe coopers. But the eagles are best in very cold winters. They need to fish along the dams so show in numbers that draw crowds and festivals.
These pictures were taken at starved rock Illinois and posted by my sister and husband. This year of artic blast and record snowfall, both here and in Wisconsin,has made for excellent siting.