Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The last snake of '08

A day or so before New Years we bagged the last snake of a rather snakey 2008. This was our local Alsophis portoricensis, the Antillean Racer.


It was a bit more subdued than others of the species hence the in hand shots (no biting for once).


This old half painted plank has always been near our house door - I think its supposed to add a bit of "a caribbean accent" to the house. I use it as a neutral background on which to pose various critters we find on the patio table.


Hugh said...

It isn't always easy getting such nice snake pictures. They defy depths-of-field.

It's a pretty snake, and good to see. I hope you have a similarly serpentine 09.

tai haku said...

Thanks Hugh - he was very calm which helped hugely.

On the subject of '09 I've already bagged a new island herp!