Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zamia vasquezii, Vasquez's fern cycad.

Viewed from a distance I thought this was just a fern.

zamia vasquezii

It's actually something I find slightly more interesting....another cycad! Its Zamia vasquezii. This species is actually quite common (by cycad standards) in cultivation but its often misdescribed as Zamia fischeri, the difference being vasquezii's longer leaflets. Although its pretty small this is actually a big specimen by this specie's standards. By way of illustration this old girl had pushed up more than 40 cones.

zamia vasquezii2

I can count 16 just in the image above. These haven't been pollinated unfortunately. I think we'll have to see if we can get some pollen mailed over and do something about that. The two cones on the left in the image below are receptive, unlike those on the right. Notice how the caps of the cone have lifted slightly off the top to reveal the creamy white ova inside?

zamia vasquezii1

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Anonymous said...

If you do get some pollen, keep me on the list for seeds! I'd love to add it to my cycad collection...