Monday, December 01, 2008

wild animal at the wild animal park

I mentioned the other day that I had discovered a wonderful cycad collection at San Diego's zoo and wild animal park (more of those cycads will be appearing shortly as will reviews of both attractions) but the cycads just scratched the surface both facilities were well landscaped with a mix of exotic appropriate planting and some native habitat protection/restoration.


The above wonderful scene is from near the wild animal park's "condor ridge" section and represents local sagebrush and succulent habitat. Of course when you provide such a wonderful planted environment, wild animals will find it and we saw an array of wild animals braving the park (not withstanding the presumably scary smell of lions, tigers etc etc it must have. The biggest were mule deer and this was the smallest....


I believe this is Costa's hummingbird, Calypte costae, one of a number of birds taking advantage of some small feeders in a bush near the trail.

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Kat Wolfdancer said...

Both the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park are on my "I was brought up there" roster of Wonderful Memories. Being a San Diego Native, (now transplanted) I watched the Wild Animal Park being built. I had a childhood friend who provided a couple of Ocelots to the emerging facility, so I had the rare and wonderful opportunity to peruse the Park before it was open to the Public.

The plantings are just awesome! They have done a magnificent job of xeriscaping and melding natives with non-invasive hardies. It is well-worth a side trip if you are ever in San Diego.

Thanks for the walk down Memory Lane!