Wednesday, November 05, 2008

sweet tortoise lurvin

So, I headed to San Diego zoo yesterday with my better half with a view to exploring one of the world's best conservation-minded zoos. San Diego zoo/wild animal park has had massive success as part of any number of endangered species breeding programs especially with reptiles. I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised things got slightly x-rated in the reptile section. The video below is more hard shell than hard core but is best viewed with the sound up so you get the, erm, full experience.

He was still going when we left but, since the reptiles are by the exit, we popped in to look for a couple of species that hadn't been showing when we first walked round before leaving and he was still going several hours later.


JJ said...

Slowest. Porn. Ever.

I should think by the time you returned his mate was lying back and thinking of the Galapagos... He seems to be having fun though!

Rosemary D. Lombard said...

Many male tortoises vocalize during courtship and, especially, during mating. Darwin notes in The Voyage of the Beagle: "During the breeding season, when the male and female are together, the male utters a hoarse roar or bellowing, which, it is said, can be heard at the distance of more than a hundred yards." He didn't hear it personally--wrong season, but got the information from others. In my cognitive behavior lab both the socialized box turtles and pancake tortoise males and females vocalize (mostly unvoiced) to the researcher, learned in a socialized situation.