Saturday, November 15, 2008

Palms of San Diego

This silhouette of the skyline of San Diego's Balboa park museum area is kinda interesting.


You can see in silhouette the forms of 3 common species of palm used in municipal planting worldwide. Furthest left is a Washingtonia sp., then we have one of the date palms, a Phoenix sp. On the far right is the Cuban Royal palm (Roystonea regia). On the subject of municipal planting I was quite impressed with San Diego's - a nice mix of architectural mediterranean planting (as always I felt that with a little more money it could be vastly more spectacular but still it was very good) and nativeish succulent/sage planting on the highways.

Speaking of plants and San Diego, one high point on the trip was coming accross a couple of really nice cycad collections. The result of hitting this motherlode is that a) my cycad photo gallery has grown in scale somewhat and b) a weekly cycad posting will be on the books for the forseeable future. Also to come are some sharks, some dolphins, some more sharks, a couple of trip /attraction reports and hopefully some other cool stuff.

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