Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gone Bananas

Since I've been kind of neglecting the gardening/plantspeople/blotanists amongst my readers of late I hope you'll enjoy this. This awesome banana was the highlight of some cool subtropical bedding at Boston Public Gardens.

I think it may be some sort of Ensete?


JJ said...

Looks like Ensete ventricosum Maurelii, the red Abyssinian banana. I have three of the little buggers in Jurassic Park, purely because when someone gives me a large architectural plant I'm incapable of saying no, whether or not it's palaeontologically correct...

I shall be in Boston on Friday/Saturday, so I'll look out for this chap.

tai haku said...

Thanks JJ: Boston, Mas or Boston, Lincs? This was in Boston, Mas.

If you are indeed going to American Boston try to get out to the arnold arboretum and pay homage to the original metasequoias.

I was wondering about maurelii - I haven't seen it before in the flesh but it looked similar to descriptions/photos I'd seen.

JJ said...

Boston, Mas. Off on the annual US roadtrip/SVP conference holiday. If the Hubster lets me, I shall certainly try to detour to the arboretum and hug a couple of Metasequoia.

I tried to find a good picture of my Maureliis, and only managed to find this one. The other two are shorter and much darker, but I gather this is all within the range for the variety.

tai haku said...

that looks like it.

there are also a couple of very old metasequoia (by non-china standards)in boston common too.