Monday, August 04, 2008

Sphaerodactylus (in khakis by Gap)

I've found a few Sphaerodactylus macrolepis macrolepis over the past year or so but these are the best shots I've got of one. I found this guy on our door frame.


As we've noted Sphaeros are tiny, our other species being the smallest land vertebrate in the world. To illustrate this those groves on the substrate it is sitting on are the fibres of my black gap khakis (oxymorontastic) which I sat him on to use as a neutral background. I'm sure you may well have a pair of something similar at home to get a real impression of scale.

You can see quite clearly the round fingers that give Sphaerodactylus their name in this shot.


The dorsal view below is pretty good for showing the various false eyespots this species uses.



I likE plants! said...

Awesome post thanks for sharing this with us!

tai haku said...

If you liked that you'll love what's coming up soon ILP.