Wednesday, August 06, 2008

icle baby cycad!

I'm lucky enough to wander past several really nice Cycas revoluta on the way to work every morning and this is one of them. If you look closely you'll notice something near its trunk.


A nice little pup!


Cycads often reproduce vegetatively by means of pushing up suckers or pups. These can in time be removed and potted up separately or left to form a multitrunk plant. Pupping like this is pretty much normal but if you should see a plant pushing up masses of pups that can be indicative of a damaged or dying main trunk firing off as many offsets as possible to try to ensure survival. Isn't it cute? Check out the way the leaves are still uncurling at the top.


Julia said...

How adorable! I'm jealous of your commute. It beats buddleia-lined railway cuttings and the golf course before being plunged into perpetual darkness every time.

arachesostufo said...

nice photos, ciao da Venezia

tai haku said...

thank you both - more on Cycads coming up shortly (I decided today).