Monday, July 14, 2008

Not so green

Here's last week new island reptile tick; Iguana iguana, the green iguana. These guys are not native to most of the caribbean and yet are fairly common on a lot of islands. Not here though. This is the first one I've seen living wild here although I reckon there may be a few others in dwindling populations in a couple of spots.

black iguana

As you can see the name green iguana is a bit of a misnomer here; this one was entirel monochrome and rocking quite the mohawk. Also check out the monstrous tree climbing fingernails - ironically enough this was taken near a spa so I can only assume he'd manicured up big time.

black iguana2

As an introduced species they are not really problematic here but elsewhere they can raise some interesting issues - I'll be touching on some of these shortly.


John said...

That guy looks huge (for a lizard, anyway).

tai haku said...

he was maybe 3 feet John. Our native iguana (a different species) gets considerably bigger and is the largest new world lizard!

garden girl said...

What a homely-looking fellow! Lizards are fascinating creatures to me - so ancient-looking. He looks like a dinosaur.