Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Moths and cricket(s)

Its amazing how nature will intrude into all areas of life if you look hard enough to see it. I dropped over to Antigua at the weekend and in a stadium full of people found a pair of these.


Eumorpha vitis, the Vine Sphinx. They seemed to be utterly unbothered by the hundreds of spectators that walked past and were quite spectacular. That's my (adult male) hand for scale btw.


This however was what we were really there to see - 11 rare Australian vagrants (it's test match cricket in case American readers are confused and yes, it did last 5 days and end in a draw (that contrary to popular belief is one of the things that make cricket awesome)). This is the moment Michael "Pup" Clarke reached his century.


and here's the ultimate Antiguan endemic; the Master Blaster Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander "Viv" Richards (career test runs 8540 @ 50.23 but oh so much more than that) and the man after whom Antigua's new stadium is named. He was cool as a cucumber about his adoring fans - just like the moths.


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Pam in Tucson said...

Ah, cricket. How I miss it! Lucky you to watch a test match; I never managed to get to one. What a handsome moth - and so obliging to let you get such a grand photo.