Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spring has sprung....a month ago. maybe.

So as has been mentioned I went to Ireland about a month ago where it was very springy. It was sunny and cold and there were all manner of signs of spring around. Unfortunately I haven't been able to share them til now not that timeliness and seasonality are particularly important on account of a) the fact I live somewhere permanently sunny and b) wherever you live your probably still getting unseasonal weather like snow according to my friends elsewhere and the tv (bad luck if that's true btw). So anyway onto the spring. Lovely daffodils abounded in an old monastic cemetary. Look closely - there's someone atop that celtic cross

celtic spring

He wasn't moving for anyone so it was extreme spring close up time.


and further on with our walk? The ultimate symbol of spring:


...and yes that is afterbirth in one of my pictures gulls this time though.

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