Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Stupid no internet access! - sorry for the lack of posts.

Sightings last week included:
2 X Southern Stingrays;
3 X Green Turtles (including some rather strange shadowing behaviour from a tiny turtle following a bigger one);
a Nassau Grouper (which elsewhere wouldn't be too exciting but due to its unfortunate deliciousness isn't too common here); and
a Scrawled cowfish (which I haven't seen here before).

Also seen by those on my boat were a couple of reef sharks and 2 seahorses (you've seen one here already but apparently its mate has turned up too and its very pretty by all accounts!).

Not much on land:
Both species of rainfrogs in the house;
my tomatoes are growing strongly (more on this at some point); and
the laughing gulls have returned en masse.

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