Monday, February 11, 2008

Recent sightings

For the past couple of years, this blog has followed a pictoral format where I post a couple of my pictures and talk a bit about them. Sometimes they're recent pics but often they're from my archive or from my last trip. As a result wildlife encounters with no photo results tend to slip through the net and the blog also lacks a little immediacy when it comes to what's happening here right now. So I'm planning on doing a brief sightings/encounters post each week/fortnight (depending how exciting a week/fortnight it has been) to sum up what's happening here right now. January was a pretty good month providing us with:

  • Large numbers of tarpon on both the flats and some dive sites;
  • A brief visit from the flamingos;
  • Good views of a couple of Carcharhinus sp. sharks;
  • a pod of 15 or so feeding bottlenose dolphins;
  • 3 red tail hawks interacting;
  • a mother and baby clapper rails;
  • a hundred or so white-cheeked pintails; and
  • an island tick (green-winged teal).

All of which was pretty cool. February has also started well. This week's highlights for me included:

  • An Osprey fishing over the mangroves as I was fishing in the mangroves;
  • Eagle rays (one breaching on the flats and one interesting rosetted form gliding by on a dive);
  • good views of a red-tailed hawk thermalling;
  • my first local seahorse;
  • a nice green turtle.
Reports from friends suggest the island's male tarantulas are on the move for love before Valentine's day so thats one of this week's targets - there's a few other interesting things out there right now too......

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