Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Top 10 Nature Moments meme participants

Updated 3/1/08!

So my little meme has made its way out into the blogosphere and people are partaking. I'm delghted. Here's the participants I know about; let me know if I've missed you as a chunk of these were under my radar for a while so there are probably others too.

1. Me
2. Hawk Owl's Nest
3. 10,000 birds
4. Wildbird on the Fly
5. Pollinators Welcome
6. Alis Volat Propriis
7. Drinking Bird
8. Conservation Conversations
9. Biological Ramblings
10. A DC Birding Blog
11. Snail's Tails
12. A Snail's Eye View
13. The Flying Mullet

3-1-08 Participants 10-12 added: I'm really enjoying the diversity of the moments offered up so far from the big (some of my megafauna-centric moments literally involved the largest animals on earth) to the very small (some of the invertebrate moments offered), the rare to the commonplace, solitary moments and shared ones, animal, vegetable and even the odd mineral. Its awesome. Keep 'em coming folks!

5-1-08 Participant 13 added: keep 'em coming.


Greg said...

Great idea! I enjoy the process of narrowing it down. Have a great new year!

Shirley said...

Hi there :-)

What a great idea - your post has definitely caught my interest! I discovered you through Pollinators Welcome. All the best for 2008 :-D

Snail said...

That's a splendid meme. Here's my contribution at A Snail's Eye View.

Gloria said...

I have enjoyed checking out these sites and their lists.
Thought you might like to know about http://monarchbfly.com/

I think he could do a top 10 species for 2007...LOL
What a great blog and I love his attitude...a quote from his comments section "Thanks and isn’t that the way to enjoy life is doing cool things?"
I so agree!

Anonymous said...

how wonderful list of top 10 nature moments that everyone posted! I have some of those post you have already listed but have a few others that I can check out! Thanks Gloria for thinking of me, you are too kind!!! Will think about working on one but will be hard to narrow it down to 10~ !

Eva Matthews said...

I liked this meme so much that I decided to partake. Here is my entry: http://flyingmullet.blogspot.com/

Bob Kaufman said...

please add: