Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't look at me in that tone of voice!

This AmKes lives near my girlfriend's house and is ludicrously unafraid. He often sits on a low stump covered in vine and when I popped in the other day there he sat.


Happily I had my camera on the passenger seat so I simply held it out of the window as I drove closer for these shots. He didn't seem too happy about the intrusion but wasn't going anywhere....


To give an idea how close I got this was taken at 4X zoom on a standard point and shoot digicam although admittedly I have cropped these a fair bit. On another note I'm fairly sure I got a 6th raptor for the island this morning. I've been seeing an Accipter type thingy on the tops of telegraph poles on the commute and this morning I got a decent enough look to be convinced a sharpie has made it across the waters - hurray!


Anonymous said...

I wondered whether the kestrels by you were like the ones in the Bahamas with their pearly white underbellies. Apparently not. They're still just as good looking though.

tai haku said...

Hey Mike - we get the odd very dark slaty bird but the light Hispaniolan form doesn't tend to show up.

Amy said...

Lovely AMKE!