Thursday, November 29, 2007

Seal of Disapproval

Birdchick thinks she has it bad with her disapproving rabbits? Well, rabbits ain't the only disaprovers in the animal kingdom - check out the disdain and disapproval this baby grey seal gave me for photographing it just after nap time:


"I disapprove of photo-sessions when I'm trying to nap"

"Maybe if I give him the old one-eyed glare of disapproval he'll get the idea and just go away"
"I'm just gonna turn my nose up in disapproval of this blog altogether"
Congratulations on the book's success Birdchick and thanks for giving me an excuse for my favourite punning post title ever.


Rabbits' Guy said...

A rabbit could learn a thing or two from that guy ... but, he needs ears! Big ones!

Amy said...

*clapping* Well done!

tai haku said...

Thanks Amy.

Rabbit guy - I think a pair of playboy bunny ears would be perfect but the disapproval could be just too intense.

logo design said...

Pics look really fascinating. Taken right on time.