Sunday, September 09, 2007

One last shark...

..for now.

This is a blacktip shark. You might've seen one before on the blog here but its not to be confused with the blacktip reef sharks here - they're a completely different species. It's extreme close up time again and note the longer pointy nose and the generally lighter, more streamlined build.


When she grows up this little girl will be a fast moving, sightbased hunter, dashing into schools of bait to snatch a mouthful, a sports car to the lemon shark's dump truck. Lets look again at one of the baby lemons that was sharing the same lagoon mouth habitat. You can see its a much stockier snub-nosed animal, with more weight in the neck/shoulder type region. Note also those wide open nasal cavities compared with the lengthened openings on the blacktip - ideal for picking up sent in muddy water where the lemon earns its livin.


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