Thursday, July 26, 2007

More snakes, bigger snakes, hot snakes

What? You didn't think I'd restrict myself to landbased snakes did you? This is a banded sea krait. There are a few species but I believe these are all yellow lipped sea kraits, Laticauda colubrina. It seems to be the most common in the Philippines but I have also seen a black lipped form but I'm not sure which that one was.


These guys pack serious venom but the good news is they are completely relaxed around people so if you do encounter one, and leave it alone, it'll go about its business. The animal below was hunting small fish in the crevices of these rocks. I watched it for several minutes and saw it catch and eat a couple of fish.


If this patterning looks familiar by the way, you may want to check out this old post. Of course like all reptiles sea snakes need air to breathe so any encounter you're lucky enough to have will probably end with a scene like this.



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