Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm not one to blow my own trumpet....

...but "toot, toot"


I really like this shot from sunday's dive. This juvenile trumpetfish was determined to hide in front of this sea fan and posed well for me. Usually this size animal will use a soft coral that is like a series of thin sticks which is much better camouflage for them but much harder to photograph for me. You can still kind of see how the camo could work - even against this unsuitable background this little predator is starting to blend in.


Leslie said...

Tai ... I'm so glad you left a comment at Dreams and Bones so I could find your WONDERFUL photography here. Glad to know you are reading

tai haku said...

Thanks Leslie - I'm glad we found each others blogs! I was pondering a OLS meal on the island yesterday - I fear its quite the challenge!