Thursday, July 05, 2007

8 legs good.

Apologies for the slightly less frequent posting, access is slow at the moment here for no apparent reason. A while ago I promised another type of octopus so here he/she is. This is the brown-stripe or arm-stripe octopus, Octopus burryi.

reef octo2

Like the long-arm octopus this one seems to live out in the sands away from the safety of the rocks. Unlike the long-arm however it doesn't have a permanent home burrow. Instead this little fellow just buries itself where it is when threatened. Its a lot more chilled than the long-arm too. These two animals were the only ones I saw, whereas I saw several long arms before I got anywhere near one without it disappearing. When these guys do disappear they really do a good job though, the one below had us absolutely flumoxed as it melted into the sand when we looked away for a second.

brown-spotted octo

This guy is about the size of a baseball and as you can see a little dumpier than the elongated and elegant long-arm.

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Amy said...

I so enjoy your underwater photos -- not that the chipmunk wasn't cute ;)

P.S. You've been tagged with the Eight Random Facts meme. Visit my July 5 post if you want to play (c: