Sunday, June 03, 2007

Some dentistry details

So I've shared a few 'cuda pictures before but they're such common fish here I thought I'd share one more. This shot was taken looking down the barrel of a 3 foot 'cuda earlier this year. I was hoping he'd open his mouth a little to reveal those teeth for a really intimidating shot but he remained resolutely tight lipped.


Speaking of those teeth, the picture below shows what those teeth will do to a hard-bodied fishing lure.

'cuda damage

I was working this jig over some seagrass from a kayak trying to tempt a big bonefish up when I hooked into something rather larger than intended - a 6 foot 'cuda. Well after towing me around the bay for a little while and demonstrating rather prodigous leaping ability he threw the hook and graciously gave my lure back in less than perfect condition.

Coming up soon....more butterflies, big fish, little fish, historic trees, parrots and some weird insects.


T. Beth said...

It's a bit alarming to see a barracuda approaching you that way! When I've seen them before while snorkeling, they've always just quickly passed me by with a barely a glance. I've never had one approach me.

tai haku said...

actually this chap was lurking under an overhang so I was able to approach him head on. I think his plan was to not budge and bluff til I went away (which worked fine for me) his big brother was slightly less cooperative with the kayak, fishing and all.