Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Links

I've added a few new links to the favourite blogs page. I won't reiterate the links here but wanted to flag them and encourage you to take a look.

Hawk Owl's Nest should need no introduction to regulars who frequent IATB too. Patrick's blog is wonderfully rounded and thoughtful look not only at the natural world but his ongoing appreciation of it. I'm not sure how I forgot him on the first set of links because this blog has been a favourite of mine for months now.

Niches was one I found through the bioblitz this past week. Wow, what an informed naturalist Wayne is and what cool stuff he's been finding.

Swamp Things fills in a much needed gap in my daily blog reading. I can never get enough herptiles especially tiny hatchling snakes and turtles which seem to appear on this blog in abundance. Awesome stuff.

Pure Florida is a blog I found following comments from Swamp things above. It looks to be a wonderfully diverse exploration of Florida nature and is one I look forward to exploring in future.

Looking through the comments at these last three new discoveries indicates a few of you were there before me. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about what else I'm missing out on!

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Gloria said...

I have added several of your links to favorites,Thanks for the information.
I'm going to add you to my blog but am lasy about such things. Today I am doing it. Then the others may be found through you.
I have one suggestion for you to check out if you do not know him already. He posts mostly about plants and insects but some animals. I find all three of his blogs fascinating.
Patrick Roper
Location: Sedlescombe, East Sussex, GB
ecologist and biodiversity researcher and recorder.