Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yet more snipe

So I've been returning periodically to the car park where I saw all those waders because its was a guaranteed spot for Wilson's snipe and a reasonably good bet for a green heron. I really enjoy photographing both these species and so make no apologies for their frequent reappearances (hey I only have about 160 birds to play with in this country and my new national list is a mighty 52 species long!*), besides they're pretty. With snipe they vary so much in colour and pattern depending on their posture and the sun.


Unfortunately the car park dried out and the snipe moved on shortly after I took the picture above (which I was rather pleased with but had designs upon improving further). I spent a decent amount of time trying to identify a huge looking wader the other day on the salt pond. Eventually it moved positions and I realised it was a snipe, that just looked massive because of its strange posture and the wind. By contrast the car park individuals appeared much smaller because they were usually hunkered down in the grass and I was able to get much closer.


I guess there is a valuable lesson here in terms of viewer observations regarding the size of birds but it might just be that I'm uniquely rubbish in this regard. Also the cricket is kicking off big time so I'll simply ask if anyone else has had similar experience.

*Edit. My enjoyment of Bangladesh's epic upset win over India was temporarily curtailed immediately after this post by a powercut so I went for a quick hours birding and scored photos of 3 thus far not featured species (1 of which is in focus - the mangroves can be hard work), and increased the national list to an epic 54!. I also again failed to get images of a local snake despite seeing it twice. The fact that my telephoto lens using camera is dead is a bit irritating at times like these.

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wolf21m said...

Great digiscopes. To find out if other people have difficulty in identifying bird sizes, just bird with another person. I am constantly having the "it was bigger than a sparrow, no it was smaller..." discussion.