Saturday, March 10, 2007

IATB up and Kingfishers revealed

I and the Bird #44 is now up at Greenbelt hosted by the Ridger (who also came up with one of the better poems for PZ Meyers' birthday). For those of you who struggled to spot the kingfishers in my I and the Bird Submission I thought I'd do a reveal post. The most I saw just before taking this was 3 birds but I can't establish if the 3rd bird is present or not. The ringed question mark object was near its perch but I think it may actually be part of the Bangka's rigging. At least you can clearly see 1 and 2.

The clever bird id types at Birdforum tell me these are most probably Collared Kingfishers. They would treat us to occasional glimpses throughout our stay, sometimes on the Bangkas, sometimes at the top of coconut palms and on occasion sat on top of the exposed reef at low tide. Wherever they sat it was always beyond my cameras reach for a detailed picture which is why I was delighted to see them topping off this beautiful scene.

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