Sunday, January 07, 2007

Celebratory triple-bill

Well it seems my internet access is workin' again which means I can drop a double celebratory post today after all (although it kinda makes yesterdays premature anniversary gecko somewhat redundant). Its a double celebratory post by the way because a) today's the 1 year anniversary post and b) I won a Bob award last week (it's true; check the clickety-plaque in my sidebar). Both of which mean I feel I can't put something truly ugly up here today. I haven't put a bird up for a while but I still have a lot of awkward looking beasties and beautiful animals from the indo-pacific to share so I decided on a celebratory Earth, Wind & Water triple bill. More detail on all of these is upcoming (I learnt this suspense building little trick from Darren Naish who I commend to you all).



Malus "golden hornet"


Gallinago delicata




Pam in Tucson said...

I love your undersea photos but I must admit I've been missing the birds and flora that you photograph so brilliantly. Happy that you had an occasion to give us all three. And congrats on your Bob award! Display it with pride :)

Darren Naish said...

In part, my 'suspense-building' trick is done to thwart spam blogs. If you post a brief 'trailer' for your post, they will copy this. But if you later edit your 'trailer', only then adding in the full post, they'll miss it (leaving your site as the only place where the full article is posted).

tai haku said...

Thanks Pam, I have some new toys on order which will probably lead to a few more land based photos and a bit more balanced output. I have so many u/w photos from my travels its hard to balance things at the moment.

Darren - thanks for dropping in. I'm not really familiar with what spam blogs are or how they work but that sounds an interesting technique. I note from the comments on your latest entry that suspense is building though :)