Monday, December 18, 2006

A pretty fish for a change

The "water" aspects of Earth, Wind & Water tend to focus on weird and often very ugly critters. There is a very good reason for this; they tend to move slowly (if at all) making good photo subjects and they're often very interesting (for past examples check here, here and here). After my recent trip through the centre of extreme ugly critter biodiversity I have got some serious horrow shows to share with you so I thought before we get too far into the parade of nightmares I'd show you all a nice pretty fish.


This is Chelmon rostratus aka the Copperband butterflyfish. Its been one of my dad's favourites for years so I always try for a photo but to be honest they're rather uncooperative and don't sit still long enough for me. I worked with a group of 3 for 5 minutes on a drift dive before they disappeared and got only this one profile shot. Note the second copperband in the background and how it almost disappears when viewed head on. Pretty nifty eh?

Coming in the near future a few cunning lizards (earth), a few nice birds (wind) and a whole lot of ugly fish (water)

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