Sunday, August 06, 2006

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On a misty summers morning I recently wandered down into an old quarry in Cornwall. With a pair of buzzards circling lazily above and the mist rising the view could have been timeless. Instead though I got a glimpse of past and future combined at the awe-inspiring Eden Project in St. Austell, Cornwall.

[Edit: OK it screwed the page up just too much for my liking - the picture is here ]

The 2 biomes of geodesic domes will I expect be quite familiar to people but I think lot of people forget the "third biome" which is the spectacular outdoors planting. Since Eden is in a disused claypit the planting areas are very steep. which makes the garden even more impressive. To try to give an impression of the scale of the view I used autostitch to join multiple pictures to create a wide panorama (you have to plan to do this before taking the pictures) . As an aside all the birds around Eden are bizarrely tame, I guess this is because the habitat is so good and they are used to having people wander through it.

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