Saturday, August 12, 2006

Forbidden fruit?

At the Eden Project a lot of the focus is on food plants and in the midst of a bed of pineapples I found this perculiarly coloured pineapple. I've enhanced the edges somewhat using Photoshop but promise I haven't touched the colour!


All the others in the bed were standard coloured plants. Apparently at Eden's birthplace the Lost Gardens of Heligan they grow pineapples in victorian style manure heated pits but as you can see Eden is a bit more advanced.



Tora said...

I really enjoy looking at the pictures you've taken!

And I really like pineapples. Is it true that pineapples are flesh-eaters so that is the reason why it sort of stings whenever you eat it?

I'm just thinking you should know, being all smart with those latin names and all :D

- good day

tai haku said...

Hi Tora - some cultivars of pineapple have a high acid content (others much lower). I think its this acid that causes the sting.

Glad you enjoy the pictures.

Tora said...

Alright! Well that explains a lot. I will remember that in the future in case my friend asks me again.

Then I can seem all smart and she'll be PWNED!

erhm. yes. Thank you!