Saturday, August 19, 2006

2 new blogs in the sidebar

I finally (whilst trying to undo what I unwittingly did with my move to beta-blogger) got round to updating my favourite blogs list. My list is a lot shorter than many others but I read a lot of other blogs and try to leave comments when possible. I wanted to keep the list short and template clean so the ones on my list are the ones I read or check every morning over breakfast. I'm planning a links page to give details and a description of all the others I check so please bear with me.

Anyway Finders Keepers from Punkbirder isn't really a blog but its sort of similar. Check regularly to see who wins this rare-bird-finding invitational tournament based mainly in Norfolk; the spiritual home of unusual British vagrants. It promises good birds, good humour and probably contentious judging.

Hummingbird is a blog about green travel from Charlie of Bird Blog fame and Jo. An interesting inspiring blog with big ideas and well-worthy of a shout-out on my faves list.

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