Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well thats a bit like what it looks like. Ages ago in this post, I said I'd post some pictures of my underwater camera rig so here they are:

This is pretty much how I start a dive - attached to the arms are two strobes to provide light that is lacking at depth. Attached to the left arm as we look at it is a caddy for macro and wideangle lenses.


by adding and removing them I can go from close-ups like this:


to wideangle like this:


in seconds.

Edit: and yes, as has been pointed out on scubaboard and flickr; my couch is eighties-tastic.


Pam in Tucson said...

To this neophyte, that's quite a rig, especially imagining you manoeuvering around underwater. I'd love to see a photo of you in action. How does the lens change mechanism work? -- P.S. Very cool red couch! Not this 70-year old's style (we're 50's Danish teak people), but our children would love it :)

tai haku said...

It is fairly hefty Pam but of course in water the weight of things seems reduced so whilst its a beast on land its much easier to deal with under water. The lenses attached to the arm screw on and off the front of the camera housing a bit like slr lenses on an slr (the strings hanging off them are shoelaces which I use in case I drop a lens underwater).