Tuesday, July 11, 2006



This is Gracie - Isn't she adorable. Gracie is a dugong, (dugong dugon) a type of marine mammal closely related to the manatees. Gracie is special as she was raised in captivity after her and her dead mother's body were found just off Singapore. Now a bit imprinted on humans she lives at an aquarium in Singapore and people can dive with her and feed her seagrass. In fact she will pretty much ignore you unless you bring the seagrass.


The closest relatives to the dugong was Steller's Seacow, a giant dugong, that went extinct a few years after its discovery by man. Lets hope Gracie's wild relatives avoid the same fate.

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Pam in Tucson said...

I've seen manatees in Florida, so she looked familiar. I assume you dove with her, since you've got such intimate shots. That must have been a really moving experience.