Sunday, June 18, 2006

Its the world cup: Break out the bunting(s)

Reed buntings are another one of those birds that non-birders are likely to imagine being an exotic sort of creature living in the wilds well away from human contact. In fact I seem to be seeing more of them in London than anywhere else. I recently read about someone on birdforum who has them visiting his feeding stations but I need to go a bit further to see them. This one had found a nicely placed hawthorn whip to use as a bandstand at London Wetlands Centre and was singing away strongly all day long.

reed bunting

In fact he stayed so long I was able to come back throughout the day and try for better photos and a cople of weeks later a reed bunting was singing in much the same place. The sucess of the reed buntings nesting in LWC's reed beds and thickets is matched by the reed and sedge warblers who you can hear chattering away but rarely get the chance to see let alone take pictures. Since the bunting was so cooperative I don't suppose I can complain too much.

reed bunting

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