Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Digiscoped delights

Intrigued by the possibilities I've been steadily putting together a digiscoping set-up from bits acquired on ebay. If you don't know digiscoping is taking photos through a telescope. I picked up an opticron mighty midget scope which is too small too be super sharp for digiscoping but is small enough that I'll actually take it places and have now added a bracket, tripod and automated shutter release system. On Sunday I attended a course sponsored by nikon at the London Wetlands Centre which helped me to get to the bottom of some of the technical issues I was having so without further ado - here are some of the first results. Digiscoping helps you take pictures of birds that are very far away (like this tufted duck sharing an island with mallards)....


and also brings nearby birds much nearer (as a challenge I won't tell you what this is, you can guess):


As an aside LWT's pair of avocets appear to have gone elsewhere. As a further aside the guide to digiscoping I was given at the course was edited and partially written by none other than Katie of the Not Very Big Year blog.

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