Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Underwater, death can be pretty

This is all that remains of some sort of sea urchin. This sixties-looking flower pattern doesn't become visible until the urchin dies and the spines fall out. On a slightly related note if you're ever on a boat in the philippines (where it's a local delicacy)and someone offers you a fresh urchin to eat, don't, they taste horrific.


Pam in Tucson said...

OK - I'm oohing and aahing poetically over the beauty of this fantastic, perfect sand dollar -- and you come up with a punch line for your post like that! I'm still laughing, but I will be warned :)

Endment said...

There is always beauty in nature if I open my eyes and look ---
I am with Pam - I am warned but I am laughing

tai haku said...

thank you both. its very rare I warn people against trying something new but I make an exception for raw urchin!

Your first sentence is a statement we should all try to remember Endment.