Thursday, April 27, 2006


Underwater, we can truly move through 3 dimensions, free from the constraints of gravity in the state divers called neutral buoyancy, or as its also known the best feeling in the world. Fish of course can move in this environment far more freely and dramatically than we can.
Here a school of fusilliers has fromed a torus around a potential threat. The "threat" is a parrotfish that actually feeds on coral so the fusilliers have overreacted somewhat but better safe than sorry, eh? There has been some quite interesting work done on modelling the fluid movements of fish shoals - here's an example but there's surely more out there for those interested.


T. Beth said...

Absolutely spectacular and dazzlingly metallic! It looks like one of those paintings on tinted silver (I don't know what they're called).

I can't believe that the school is worried about a parrotfish.

tai haku said...

Thank you Beth. I don't really know what they were stressed about but they didn't like the parrotfish.

They should have been more concerned about the pair of 6 foot long tuna cruising up behind them but thats another story.