Saturday, March 18, 2006

A little online reading

I've updated my list of favourite blogs on the right. As always the themes of my favourites are in some way nature related. Two blogs have disappeared not because they are nolonger favourtiesm of mine but because they related to birding the last calendar year and are no longer being updated. Keeping up the yearlisting theme I've added "the not very big year", a blog of 2 birders aim to see all the breeding birds native to the uk in a year. This strikes me as a much healthier attitude to listing than chasing half-drowned yankee vagrants that have been sand-blasted accross the atlantic by a hurricane and its very entertaining and well written.

Optical Ocean is written by one of my fellow regulars at These guys are all wonderful underwater photographers far more talented than I, and Jack is no exception. Check in to check out his stunning images and thoughts on the world above and below the water.

Bootstrap Analysis will be familiar to IATB regulars and is a very erudite and nicely written blog. Tortoise Trail is written by another blogger-photographer from Arizona, Pam, what is it about Az that produces lots of good nature blogs?

Olduvai George earns his spot on the list because of his wonderful nature illustrations drawn using photoshop in the main. Not only that but his nom-de-plume is one of the best paleoanthropology puns ever and I'm a big fan of puns.

Finally there's Botany Photo of the Day. I've mentioned this before and had a couple of different entries use my images, which I continue to submit via the BPOTD flickr pool. I like this one because in addition to a great image you get a lot of info about that image every day. Always educational.


Pam in Tucson said...

Thank you! I'm awed by the good company you've put me in. I think Firefly Forest is tops. I've met Beth and she's not only an excellent photographer and scholar, but she's a wonderful person, very generous with advice on how to make better photographs. Thanks for the intro to Optical Ocean, quite fascinating. If you don't know the magazine already, you might look to see if any of the UK libraries subscribe to "Arizona Highways." We were getting it long before we thought of moving here - great photography and really shows off the marvels of Arizona.

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