Wednesday, March 01, 2006

E,W & W featured on Botany Photo of the Day

Today's Botany Photo of the Day over at the UBC Botanic Garden website features my photos of the cycad Encephalartos horridus. Its a real honour to have my images used on one of my favourite websites. BPOTD is one of the blogs and news sites that form my early morning reading each day with my first cup of coffee and breakfast and I'd like to thank Daniel and all those who contribute for giving me such an interesting read every morning; I always learn something new.

Welcome to anyone who has found us courtesy of the BPOTD link - hopefully you'll find something here interesting and visit again soon.


Pam in Tucson said...

Congratulations! And now BPOD has let your secret out - I went over to your Flikr site and have been enjoying even more of your photos. Fabulous!!

I'm curious - I've googled "tai haku" and have come up with a kind of cherry tree and also Finnish words (which I can't translate - BabelFish doesn't do Finnish). No need to respond to this if you don't wish to.

tai haku said...

Its just my favourite tree, the grand white cherry, seemed like a good nom de plume...when I find some shots of a good specimen I'll post them.